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Shipping Solids & Liquids in a Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum

Shipping Solids & Liquids in a Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum

Posted by EnSafeCo on 5th Oct 2016

Q: If the Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drum line is qualified for shipping solids, what about over packing drums that still contain a residual amount of liquid? 

A: You should always use a Salvage Drum to ship “...packages of hazardous materials that are damaged, defective, or found leaking...” which of course includes hazardous liquids according to DOT regulations [49CFR173.3 (c)].   This regulation goes go on to point out [reference paragraph (c)(2)] that “Each drum shall be provided when necessary with sufficient cushioning and absorption material to...eliminate the presence of any free liquid at the time the salvage drum is closed.”  The use of absorbents to counteract the presence of free liquid then, by regulatory definition, changes the liquid to solid and allows compliance with the packaging authorization. 

Packing the damaged, defective, or leaking drum of hazardous material in a Salvage Drum is the only way to legally offer the drum for transport over public roads.  It should be noted that it is the shipper’s responsibility to comply with all applicable regulations.