ENPAC is one of EnSafeCo's premier rated brands and we are proud to supply the full ENPAC product line.

ENPAC is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic Spill Prevention, Containment, and Control products. They specialize in the design and manufacture of proprietary spill containment at its Molding Technology Center and headquarters in Eastlake, Ohio near Cleveland. ENPAC has been the global leader in high-quality, value-driven polyethylene spill containment products for over 30 years.

ENPAC initially began by designing and manufacturing products to meet specific government regulations for the handling of hazardous materials. Beginning with it's first signature product, The Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drum, ENPAC's innovative and award-winning product designs have been tested in rigorous service on every continent, and virtually every climate zone on the planet.

They continue to lead the industry with new product introduction and as businesses and industry face the increasing challenge of safely handling, storing, and transporting hazardous materials. ENPAC's comprehensive line of products provides high value solutions that ensure both worker safety, and help to protect a company's bottom line.

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Did You Know?

Spills and workplace accidents cost business and industry millions of dollars every year.
The average hazmat spill or lost time accident costs about $30,000 per incident.

EnSafeco helps protect your bottom line 24/7 by offering:

  • The world's largest, most comprehensive spill prevention product line.
  • Quality products backed by nearly two decades of experience in delivering performance and the best value.