When a Spill Occurs

When a Spill Occurs…..

1.  Assess the Risk: Determine the nature and substance of the spill.

2.  Select Personal Protection (PPE): Select the proper clothing and gear to safely respond to the spill. If you cannot identify the spilled substance, always treat it as highly toxic.

3.  Contain the Spill: Use socks, dikes, and/or booms to contain the spill and keep it from spreading or contaminating water sources.

4.  Stop Product Flow: Act quickly to stop the source of spilled material, if possible.

5.  Absorb Contained Fluids: Place absorbent pads, pillows, socks, and booms directly on the spilled material.

6.  Dispose and Decontaminate: Dispose of contaminated material in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Decontaminate the site, personnel, and all equipment.

7.  Complete Final Reports: Complete all notification documents, medical exposure reports, and paperwork associated with the spill incident.

8.  Restock Materials: Replace absorbent materials, salvage drums, and safety equipment that were used in the clean-up process.

Spill Kit Compatibility:

Oil-Only Spill Kit: (for Oil Only, does not absorb water)
Universal Spill Kit: (for Oils, Water, Coolants, Solvents, & More)
Aggressive Spill Kit: (for Acids, Bases & Unknown Liquids)