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Berm Filters

When it rains, it pours; and when it pours on your outdoor containment unit, you could have a big problem. Weather the storm with the Bazooka trickle filter/automatic shut-off valve. It allows water to trickle out of your containment berm sump at a rate of 20 gallons per hour while absorbing hydrocarbons. Also compatible with rigid secondary containment units, the unit automatically stops the flow of any liquid once 2 liters of hydrocarbons have been absorbed. The valve is replaceable through a threaded union and easily maintained or retrofitted. You can’t predict the weather, but you can prepare for it with the Bazooka Trickle Filter. 

  • Bazooka Replacement Cartridge (BAZOOKA) - Berm Oil Filter Bazooka Replacement Cartridge (BAZOOKA) - Berm Oil Filter

    ENPAC Replacement Passive Oil Filter

    Rainwater intrusion can be a costly nuisance when it comes to outdoor containment options. Avoid expensive vac trucks to clean out your berm when it fills with minimally contaminated rainwater. The Bazooka is both a trickle filter and automatic shut off...

  • EAGLE Replacement Drain Filter

    EAGLE Replacement Drain Filter

    Keep the clean water flowing from your containment sumps by replacing fully saturated absorbents socks in your Eagle Self Drains.  This kit includes a waste bag for the old filter, as well as installation instructions. 

  • EAGLE Spill Cont. Self Drain for 3/4" Drain Opening EAGLE Spill Cont. Self Drain for 3/4" Drain Opening

    EAGLE Spill Cont. Self Drain for 3/4" Drain Opening

    Drain contaminated containment pallets with ease with the Eagle Self Drain. Designed to specifically fit the 3/4" drain available on all Eagle pallets, this products captures oil while letting clean water passes through the other side. When the...