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Oil Containment Boom

Oil Containment Boom

Posted by EnSafeCo on 23rd Mar 2014

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The Industry Standard for Oil & Debris Containment Booms.

Features a high buoyancy reserve provided by stable certified log floats. Light weight and reliable construction. Can easily be moved for boat traffic. Heavy Duty aluminum ASTM approved universal slide connectors with toggle pins. UV resistant 22-ounce vinyl-coated polyester fabric material, with 5/16 coated top cable and 5/16 grade 30 galvanized chain. Full specifications below and attached.

18" Containment Boom has been the most popular boom to date. As such, our 18" boom specifications for our most popular option is noted below and attached.

Boom Model: 48-612-BM-100
Overall Height: 18.00 inches
Freeboard: 6.00 inches
Draft: 12.00 inches
Boom Length: 100 feet
End Connectors: ASTM Universal Slide Connectors
Lanyard: ASTM Toggle Pin
Fabric: PVC Polyester
Fabric Weight: 22 oz/yd2
Fabric Strength: ASTM 1523-94 Minimum
Color: Yellow, Orange, Red
Flotation: 9' Closed Cell PE Foam, ASTM D357
Boom Weight: 1.5 lbs. / foot
Ballast: 5/16 Grade 30 Galvanized Chain
Chain Strength: ASTM 80, Minimum
Top Cable: 5/16 Coated, ASTM 1523-94

Containment boom is a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill. It is often the first containment method to be used and the last equipment to be removed from the site of an oil spill. They are used for concentrating oil so that it is thick enough to be skimmed, for keeping oil out of sensitive areas, or for diverting oil into collection areas. Containment booms are widely considered the most environmentally acceptable response technique to cleanup oil spills.

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