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Containing Oil And Sediment

1st Feb 2015

In a perfect world we would never have any oil spills or any other hazmat spill. But unfortunately this is not real life. So the next best thing is being prepared in the event it does happen. Enpac has a wide variety of products to help with spills. In fact they have over 800 products of containment, prevention and control products.

One of these products is used for the containment of oil and sediment. It is called the Storm Sentinel Catch Basin Insert. It is the sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers. The oil-absorbent media is housed in a screened bag and is proven to deny oil and sediment down the basin. ENPAC's incredible design increases the surface area making for greater sediment retention and it decreases the depth of the unit in the catch basin. Making this product very efficient. It is easy to install. All you have to do is remove the grate and adjust the wire frame so it fits in the recess. Fit it into the corners and frame and then replace the grate. None of this will extend outside of the surface. When you want to remove it just grab the handle and easily pull out the insert. This product so is easy to use and very productive and can be custom ordered to fit if needed. It is approved by the EPA, SPCC, and NPDES. Please call and check with us at 800-778-8154 to see if this containment solution is approved for use in your state or visit our website and click on the link under product description.