World Health Day is April 7th!

World Health Day is April 7th!

This year marks the 75th Anniversary Of the World Health Organization which was founded in 1948.

In honour of this upcoming day, which is celebrated every year on April 7th to create awareness among people about the value of good health, EnSafeCo would like to acknowledge this year's theme; “Health For All”

This includes physical, mental and emotional well-being for all humans, everywhere.

As a company that prides itself in providing products that promote the health and safety of employees in the workplace, we understand that achieving 100% wellness in each category could be challenging for many individuals.

We would like to thank all of the organizations around the world that coordinate seminars, workshops and discussions to help with the generalized education of promoting and maintaining good overall health.

To learn more about these campaigns, visit the WHO website here.

Finally, as we celebrate this important date nationwide, we hope that this post is, in the very least, a reminder to our family members, friends, clients and business associates to take their mental, emotional and physical well being into consideration! In the words of a very wise man - “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” - Mahatma Gandhi.