The Low Down on Spill Pallets - Everything you need to know before buying.

The Low Down on Spill Pallets - Everything you need to know before buying.

If your business is part of an industry that stores large quantities of liquids, pastes, semi-solids and even solids in bulk format, chances are they are done so using primary containers such as drums or IBC ( Intermediate Bulk Container) totes.

Although we expect these units to contain the liquids safely inside, if one of those shells fails, the resulting mess could mean anything from a little irritation to a major disaster.

Hazardous or not, a spill or leak of a large amount of viscous material is sure to cause disruption, detrimental effects, and added costs, no matter where it occurs.

Whether your company is using drums or totes,(or both!) many factors such as sunlight, environmental temperatures, accidental blunt forces etc, can cause the primary container to crack of falter, therefore, we here at EnSafeCo would like to stress the importance of having a secondary containment plan in place by using a Spill Pallets which each and every unit that could put your business at risk, should an unplanned leak occur.

With so many options available on the market, choosing the right Spill Pallet to suit your needs can be daunting!

However, you can easily narrow down your choice by taking some important factors into consideration such as storage location, the intended environment, type of product encased, and of course your budget.

Here are some frequently asked questions, as well as corresponding suggestions from our selection of available Spill Pallets.

  1. Does your facility have limited storage space for containment systems?
  2. Will your units be stored indoors or outdoors?
  3. Will you be storing flammable/hazardous liquids?
  4. Are you seeking secondary containment for a short term project or smaller containers?
  1. Multiple Units and/or Limited Space

Limited space where drums or IBC totes are stored can often lead to headaches when attempting to establish secondary containment solutions. EnsafeCo offers a variety of compact solutions that can help mitigate any potential leaks or spills while saving on valuable production floor space.

For Drums

Spill decks or workstations are modular units that allow you to customize your space, depending on the amount of drums you need to store. The low profile sides provide easy access to the sump, and the polyethylene frame will not rust or corrode.

The Poly Spill Pallets line offers a lower side wall for easier access to the sump, which helps if you are storing your drums in tight spaces.

Finally, if your concerns include the leak or spill of larger quantities of materials from the primary containers, HD Spill Pallets have a higher spill capacity, and are available with or without a drain, rain cover or ramp.

All of these options are available in multiple drum capacities.

For Totes

Given their size, IBC totes don’t offer much choice in how much space they take up. However, we can still find ways to optimize your facility’s floor space with our Space Saver Spill pallets, or with units that have the sump capacity to withstand totes stacked on top of each other.

For a smaller footprint - check out the Space Saver Pallet

For stackable or multiple tote options - Check out these units.

2. Environment

Storing your drums or totes outdoors means taking into consideration the different environmental elements that could affect your products. Uncovered, open-grate pallet sumps can fill up with rain or snow water, causing the liquids to spill over thus releasing contaminants into the ground and waterways.

For both drums and IBC totes that are stored outdoors, there are a variety of options available depending on your needs. With any of our Outdoor Roll Top and Outdoor Spill Pallets containment systems, you can create a safe workspace and ensure a smooth workflow - no matter what Mother Nature is doing.

Accessories for Outdoor Storage

Not all outdoor storage needs a full time cover. With the help of our chemically resistant fabric rain covers, any Spill Pallet, Deck or Platform can be protected from outdoor elements. Rain covers are available in different sizes for both Drums and Totes. Check out our selection here.

If your process does NOT allow for drums or IBC totes to be covered, a Bazooka can be used as both a trickle filter and automatic shut off valve to capture and contain hydrocarbons while letting clean water pass through. You can help control environmental damages with the use and installation of a full Bazooka Kit which contains everything needed to retrofit your containment berm with the BAZOOKA system.

3. Hazardous Materials

If your facility stores flammable or highly caustic materials, you may want to invest in chemical resistant pallets that are manufactured using extra heavy gauges for the base, as well as galvanized steel grates.

Our various lines of Steel Spill Containment Pallets or lockers will ensure your company is compliant with industry regulations, and have the added benefit of being fire resistant.

4. Short Term Containment Needs

No matter the duration of time needed to store hazardous materials, regulations such as EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC, UFC and NPDES still apply.

Whether it is for materials used periodically in house or for an on site project, secondary spill containment requirements must be met.

However, if your facility only requires occasional spill support - you may not want to invest in immovable secondary spill containment units. Especially if that floor space can be used for other purposes while those products are not in use.

Choose from our Flexible Spill Pallet line of products that offer the ideal solution for versatile spill containment. These rigid inner support structures with a flexible outer shell provide a quick and easy installation and can be stored on a shelf when not in use.

Finally, if your business requires Spill Pallets that meet or exceed SPCC and EPA regulations for a temporary location, then we would highly recommend Spill Pallets from our Black Diamond brand line. These modular, low-profile spill pallets allow you to customize a contained workspace for any situation. They are constructed using recycled polyethylene resins, offering spill and leak prevention at a lower price point. View our Black Diamond Spill pallets here.

In summary, EnSafeco has a large variety of both drum and IBC containment pallets that can be adapted to fit your unique setup and specific need.

We offer a vast inventory of indoor and outdoor models, available in both plastic, or steel and for either single or multiple units. In short - we have it all!

We know that our awesome inventory of choices can be overwhelming, so feel free to contact us with questions or for recommendations of the best secondary containment unit for your job.