ENPAC Storm Drain Filter - Sediment Silt Bag, Woven - 2'x2'

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Storm Sentinel catch basin inserts are the ideal products for preventing harmful pollutants from washing into storm drains. This frameless model is simple in design, powerful in protection, and the most affordable catch basin insert on the market. There are no special tools required for installation. The weight of the grate holds the unit in place, allowing extra fabric to be cut away for a custom fit. The woven geotextile fabric allows high flow rates while preventing contaminated sediment from washing into the drain. Use ENPAC Frameless Storm Sentinels to protect the environment, remain compliant, and grow your bottom line.

  • Depth = 36"
  • All sizes = 80% TSS Removal per ASTM D7351
  • Material = Woven Geotextile
  • Multiple sizes available to fit any drain size
  • Easy installation with grate hook & rebar
  • Removal may require lifting equipment

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