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DENIOS is one of EnSafeCo's premier brands and we are proud to supply the full DENIOS product line.

DENIOS is a world's leading manufacturer of products and services for occupational environmental protection and workplace safety. They support customers from industry, crafts and trades, as well as public sector bodies, supplying legally-compliant products, solutions and custom services for handling hazardous substances. Their international market-leading position is retained through innovation in development and manufacturing as well as in product retailing.

With locations across the globe - like their 100,000-square-foot engineering, sales, and manufacturing facility in Louisville, KY - Denios designs and produces everything from the original spill pallets to large capacity chemical storage lockers and buildings.

Across the world, Denios customers value them as a reliable partner and problem solver, based on their comprehensive expertise. Over decades, this expertise has been further developed with improvements across their entire value creation process. This enables Denios to ensure the highest quality in all product categories, guaranteeing solution-oriented advice and quick delivery. Their passion for the protection of natural resources and a responsible attitude towards people and the environment form the basis of their daily activities.

Did You Know?

In many cases hazardous materials not only need to be stored safely, they need to be dispensed from as well.
Drum handling equipment like drum containment or our best spill pallet ensures this process is completed safely.
And if there is a spill, products from our spill kit line such as oil sorbent pads and granulates make sure the hazardous substance is safely cleaned and absorbed.